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Krav Maga translated from Hebrew into English, as  ‘Contact Combat’,  and was initially developed as an unarmed combat system by Imi Lichtenfeld for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) due to its

no-nonsense approach.


Krav Maga has since been adapted by Eyal Yanilov to meet the needs of civilians, law enforcement officers and security personnel. Krav Maga is widely recognized as the most comprehensive reality based self-defense system in the world today.

LEARNING KRAV MAGA Krav Maga is a unique and logical system of self-defense, fighting skills and defensive tactics. There are no traditional or sporting elements in Krav Maga, all of its training methods are based on the adaptation of instinctive response through principal based learning. This will result in skills that become practical in a short space of time and useful under stressful conditions. This will help elevate the trainee’s capabilities on the physical, mental, and technical levels. Krav Maga is suitable for all types of people, with the guidance and help of a certified instructor; each individual can all reach their own goals.



Krav Maga will help you to prevent, avoid, escape and evade situations of conflict.


Skills Krav Maga will teach you varies from attacking and counter-attacking skills - using the hands, legs, feet, arms and head. How to use everyday objects for self-defense and fighting techniques to defend yourself against unarmed attacks. This can be from kicks, strikes, throws, different grabs of body or clothing.


Techniques to defend yourself against armed threats, which may involve various weapons or fire arms.


We will also teach you how to defend yourself when on the ground and how to fall and roll properly and safely to reduce injury through impact on the ground. How to deal with multiple attackers and how to defend other people such as friends or loved one - also known as third party protection.

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